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Sunpol offers a variety of alkyds including those designed for high solids/low VOC industrial enamels, deck stains, metal primers, interior & exterior architectural enamels, water reducibles and heat-set ink vehicle applications. Specialty alkyds can be formulated upon request.


High Performance, Corrosion Resistant Polyester Resins, Casting Resins & General Purpose DCPD Resins are all available. These resins contain an inhibitor to prevent gelation and will require a catalyst to be mixed in to set the mold, or complete the polymerization reaction.
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Alkyd Emulsion

These hybrid resins are oil based alkyds emulsified in water. They offer the durability and scuff resistance of an alkyd, but the environmental friendliness of not being supplied in a solvent. Sunpol alkyd emulsions can be used in intererior and exterior architectural finish formulas. They can be used in deck stains and also in industrial maintenance coatings on wood, concrete & metal.

Zero VOC

Zero VOC can be approached by using Sunpol Drying Oil Diluents and/or Sunpol Drying Oil Methyl Esters in place of solvents. Sunpol high solids alkyds in combination with these products offer an answer to your VOC blues.


Oil modified urethane resin offers excellent durability & scuff resistance. It would be best suited to a wood floor varnish application.

Acrylic Latex

Our acrylic emulsion and styrenated acrylic resins come in a variety of gloss levels, corrosion resistance, adhesion abilities & water resistance. They can be part of Zero VOC water based interior paints, industrial maintenance coatings, architectural coatings & construction coatings,


Sunpol hydrocarbon modified resins are the products from reaction with dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) monomer. These attractively priced resins are used in fertilizer pellet coatings, pipe coatings and in heat-set ink formulations. Their superior film hardness and water resistance properties also make them attractive alternatives to comparable alkyds or phenloic resins.

Toll Manufacturing

Sunpol has worked with many different types of customers who have developed their own customized formulas and are looking for manufacturing equipment to mass produce those formulas. We will also work with a customer to help develop a custom resin to meet your specific needs.

The products contained in this list are representative of the kinds of polymers that Sunpol can manufacture. However, this list is not a complete version of all the products that Sunpol makes. If you have any questions regarding a product, please do not hesitate to contact us.